The sale Turnkey On eBay

I’ve been selling on Ebay for less than 2 years now and it never ceases to amaze me what some people will buy.I have companies that have been sold for more than $ 8000 and I have businesses sold sold for less than $ 200 and each business requires the same amount of work.In this section, I show you how you can sell easily to companies upwards of $ 5000 to get in to below 7 days. You do not know how to design or have websites no fancy skills.(Believe it or not, my 12 year old niece designs some of my sites) So let’s begin!

The sale Turnkey On eBay

The sale Turnkey On eBay

Here are the steps you should follow

1) what is selling on Ebay now

2) Make the case in less than 24 hoursThe sale Turnkey On eBay

3) Determine whether or not to make it cost-effective

4) Sell it on Ebay

Step 1)

First, we have to go to Ebay and see what is selling in selling companies participated. You can see that there is a lot of junk for sale, but there are also many companies that have bids. Now I can see sell for more than $ 10,000 a business. I saw selling on Ebay for $ 30,000 in 7 days a business.

If you can not see a trend here are the kinds of things sell.

A) Companies that are profitable

B) Unique websites like dating sites and pay per click search engines

C) Master copyright as eBooks, CDs and membership sites

Step 2)

You should be able to create in a day or two your business at most, otherwise it will not be worth your time.Let’s say for example that you are going to create an ebook to sell on Ebay you will sell master copyright.Here’s what I would do. I would choose something on a topic that interest me, or a hobby or something to do with how I make my bread online.If I could not think of anything, I would choose a topic that’s hot right now, such as real estate investing or making money online.I would then go to and get 10 to 20 items written on the subject for less than $ 200 and collect them in an Ebook or CD. I would then be a simple website with a sales letter, something like  and go to step 3.

Step 3)

Making a business profitable is not as difficult as it seems. Ebay buyers are looking for a few things when buying a business on profitability. For example, they want to know:

A) How much spent on advertising

B) How difficult advertising

C) How much work is involved on their side when they buy

D) How much it makes per month

But do not worry, I have the solution to all their questions.If you have little or nothing to spend on advertising, the potential buyers will stand in line until next Tuesday to buy your business. I would focus on the following to promote.

Advertising company:

A) Write article like this article you are reading now

B) Search engine ranking

C) Reciprocal link

D) Joint venture marketing

There are many good reports on learning how to do all this but no better than .

Step 4)

Selling your business on eBay is probably the most nerve stretch time, but here are a few tips to help you sell you’re ready (profitable?) business on Ebay.

A) Always use the featured list option for less than $ 20

B) Pay extra for a photo gallery and bold

C) Write a very compelling headline that stands out (do research)

D) Make sure you can accept Pay Pal payments

It does not get much easier than that, but here are a few additional instructions that will come in handy.


* Ebay has a new feature that makes it possible to have extra text written at the top of your display ad, use it!

* This can be a full time business if you chop and change the type of business that you are selling. Never saturate market with any kind of company, EC, Ebook Master copyright. Mix and match.

* Public domain resources are a great way to make products without writing a single word.

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